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Mentorship Program

Common barriers for higher education among the latino population can be attributed to:

  • Lack of knowledge of the admission process, how to pay for college and the life of a student

  • difficulty adapting to college

  • Imposter syndrome

While we hope to tackle these issues during our educational workshops and information sessions, everybody’s situation is different. For better aid, pairing a high schooler with their own mentor would give them more information about their specific situation and goals while fostering a feeling of comfort, confidence, and belonging during their start of college.


Mentees and mentors are required to meet once a month for 12-16 months. These meetings will alternate between in person and virtual format with 2 dates being offered each month. 

Since a mentor is intended to be a resource for the mentee, they are also expected to ensure an open line of communication throughout the year. 

Eligibility for Mentees

High schoolers who are:

  • Fluent in English

  • In their senior year of high school or recent graduate of a high school in one of the public school districts of Metro Atlanta

  • plan on attending an institute of higher learning starting 2024 

  • Have at least one parent of Hispanic or Latino descent 

If you are eligible to participate, click on this link to apply!

Eligibility for Mentors 

Current or recently graduated college students who are:

  • Fluent in English 

  • Attend school or reside in the Metro Atlanta area

  • Attending or have attended a public institution of higher education in Georgia

  • Have at least one parent of Hispanic or Latino descent

If you are eligible to participate, click on this link to apply!

Important Dates

September 10 - applications open 

January 5 - applications close 

January TBD - pairs are made and each person is contacted 

January TBD - first mentorship event in person 

  • How to provide proof of enrollment?
    While applying, you must provide one of the following: Notarized certificate of school enrollment form Official or unofficial school transcript Most recent progress or grade report Current school identification card, issued by the school or school system Other forms of school identification
  • Is the Mentorship Program only open to US Citizens?
    Guided by our goal, this mentorship program is open to all members of the Latino community regardless your citizenship status. This program is open to US citizens, noncitizens, DACA recipients, and undocumented high school students. We will never ask for any form of documentation regarding your identity nor citizenship. However, you must be able to demonstrate record of enrollment at a school part of a Metro Atlanta school district and proof of residence.
  • Will our information be shared with anyone?
    GRACIAS is a private, non-profit organization with no affiliation to any governing body or school. Your information will solely be used for pairing mentors with mentees and no distributed anywhere else.
  • Will mentors only have one mentee or multiple?
    The number of mentees per mentor will be based on the amount of mentees and mentors that volunteer; however, we will strive to give each mentors the least amount of mentees as possible.
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