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Adult Educational Resources

At GRACIAS, we believe that education is a lifelong pursuit, and we are excited to expand our resources to the Latino community this year. We are constantly partnering with new organizations to create new opportunities for continuing education, career growth, and financial stability. Our programs will offer resources to not just high school and college students, but also to parents and individuals looking to further their education and skill set.

Lanier Technical College 

Through our partnership with Lanier Tech College of Georgia, we work to inform the community about the resources Lanier provides to adults. We believe that every adult should have equal access to educational opportunities and resources, regardless of their background or circumstances. Our team is committed to providing support, guidance and encouragement to those who need it.


Adult Educational Resources

Looking to improve your English or obtain your GED/HiSET? Look no further than Lanier Tech College. The Adult Educational Services offers Free English as a Second Language courses and GED/HiSET preparation courses. The supportive environment and experienced instructors will help you achieve your education goals.

But don’t take the word for it – check out their YouTube channel and podcast to hear firsthand accounts of the life-changing impact of a Lanier Tech education. Their mission is to empower students to achieve their dreams, and are committed to going the extra mile to make that happen.

Youtube Channel

Podcast Channel

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